Help and Support

How to Measure for a Garage Door

Taking the right measurements for a new garage door can be complicated. Our garage door experts have provided you with five simple steps that will help you to measure a garage door opening precisely and accurately, as well as tips on what to look for. Click here to learn how to properly measure your garage door.

Garage Door Installation Manuals

We are happy to provide you with both downloadable and printable manuals for the garage doors that we offer, including instructions on how to install hardware, track, springs, etc. Because an improperly installed garage door will not work properly and can be damaged when installing incorrectly, we strongly recommend that all garage doors be installed by a trained professional. Click here for a list of our installation guides.

Professional Garage Door Installation

It is recommended that all standard torsion spring doors always be installed by an experienced and trained professional. Our installation professionals will ensure that you have the proper preparations for your new garage door installation, including any permits and/or inspections that are necessary. Click here to learn more about our professional garage door installation services.

Painting Garage Doors

Often, there is a desire to match the exterior color of the home or complement it by painting the garage door. We offer our professional expertise on the best methods of staining or painting your garage door. Click here to learn more about painting garage doors.