How long will it take to receive my door?

For doors being delivered for DIY installation – Due to production delays due to COVID-19, paired with extremely high order volume far exceeding forecasts and manufacturing capacity across the entire garage door industry, the lead time for MOST product shipments is 15 – 18 weeks.  Classica, Carriage Court and Vista require longer lead times. For […]

How does professional installation work?

Garage Door Supply House works with local installers in your area. Our installers are recruited based on security clearances, number of personnel, number of vehicles, years in business and other factors to determine their professionalism and accountability as a garage door installer. Upon ordering a door with professional installation, there will be a site check […]

What materials are your doors made of?

Most of our doors are made of galvanized steel. This would include all of our traditional and Carriage style doors. We also supply aluminum/glass door options in our contemporary door models. Additionally, we can offer wood carriage doors as a special order. If you would like to inquire about our wood carriage doors, please call […]

What is “Windload” and how do I know if it is required?

Windload rated garage doors are needed, and sometimes required, in high wind areas such as coastal areas and tornado prone geographies. Practically every door that Garage Door Supply House offers is available with a wind load reinforcement system to withstand high-wind conditions. Our Amarr Wind Load garage doors look identical from the outside and are engineered […]

What are the Construction / Insulation Options?

The options for “Construction” refer to the actual construction of the door. Most doors have three construction options for insulation. The “1000” option on many doors refers to a single layer construction. This would be the most cost-effective option but has no insulation value. The “2000” option, available on many doors, refers to a double […]

What is “Headroom Requirement” and how do I determine what I need?

Headroom refers to the amount of room between the top of the door and lowest obstruction (Ex: Ceiling, steel beams, duct work, etc…). In order to determine your headroom, please refer to our “How to Measure” guide here. Once you measure your headroom, you must select your headroom options. The options are 13” or more […]

What are Torsion Spring additional devices?

If you have selected a torsion spring option, and are installing the door yourself (DIY), then you will need to wind the springs during the install to set the tension. The Winding Bars are tools to manually wind the torsion springs. The Winding Device is a tool that attaches to a drill to set the […]

What kind of Garage Door Operators / Openers do you offer?

At Garage Door Supply House, we offer Lift Master and Linear Door Operators. We have 5 popular options listed on our website, but we can also provide many more options. Feel free to call us at 1-877-870-3667 (Door) to inquire about additional door operator options. If you would like to learn more about the Door […]